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Propolair Diffusers & Vaporizers
"Green Clean" your home, clinic, office or car with Propolis Vaporizers and Diffusers, which purify and sanitize using a natural product from the beehive. It's Propolis, a powerhouse of bioflavonoids which eliminate germs, mold and pollution from the air. Bee healthy and use the preventative protection of Propolis!


What is a Propolis Vaporizer / Diffuser?
> It heats a small capsule filled with propolis.
> It diffuses microscopic particles of propolis.
> It requires only electricity and refill capsules.
> No water. No oils.

There are 4 types of vaporizers / diffusers:
> Models A
> Models L
> Bee
> Car


2011, Nov
As a family medical practitioner I know my office is exposed to numerous microbes, viruses and even mold daily. I cannot think of a better 24/7 solution to naturally sanitize my office and improve my breathing than with a propolis vaporizer. The importance of the propolis (excellent for the lungs and immune system) is its complementary functionality with other treatments.
From acupuncture to ayurveda and homeopathy to naturopathy, it is a valuable link to any holistic/integrative protocol.

Stefan Stangaciu, MD,
Family Medicine Specialist,
Licensed in Acupuncture and Api-Phytotherapy


2011, July
We are very satisfied with the mold reducing capability of the propolis diffuser that we purchased from you. After using the unit for 3 weeks we turned it off for a day and then re-tested the room and it was virtually mold free. The previous test we had done had produced a petri dish full of 40 or so mold spots of growth which told us we had a problem as reported to us by the testing lab. After using the unit for 3 weeks the next petri dish had only two spots of mold which is far less than even the outside air in New Orleans where we live. Thanks so much for a great product that is also chemical free and “green” to boot.

Best Regards,
Tim and Sharon Foley



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