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About us

Founded in 1994, Bee Healthy Farms has taken pride to ensure that our products are made with special care to safeguard the intrinsic values contained within. Owned and operated by passionate beekeepers who understand and use the products of the beehive with care given to the health of honey bee.

 Romanian Apitherapy Conference

It is our desire to help improve the health of all inhabitants on Earth - not just humans. We regularly attend Apitherapy Conferences and Workshops.

We continually strive to find the best products for your health and well being. With a European office, we can better serve the best products from the beehive from around the world. Our beehives and beekeepers are located in Ohio and in Southwestern France.


Simply put, we enjoy making Happy Therapie available for all at affordable prices. 


Contact us:


Bee Healthy Farms, LLC

945 S. Old Orchard Ave

Springfield MO 65802  USA

 1-888-235-8002 (USA Toll-Free)

 1-845-926-1826 (Phone - int'l)

 1-775-562-7199 (Fax)

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facebook: Beehealthy Farms
twitter: @BeehealthyFarms 
skype: beehealthy.farms 



Happy Therapie 
32 rue de la Republique
24700 Moulin Neuf  FRANCE
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